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Forty minute program on Bullying, PBIS, and or Character Education.
Recognizes the social-emotional development of students
Interaction with students/teachers using catchy songs and simple physical responses to promote their messages
Two positive and energetic role-models "Dr. Cool and Pride™"

- Every child is unique and special
- Follow the Golden Rule
- Stop and think before you act
- Be Respectful, Responsible and Safe
- Stand up to Bullys


Forty minute program
Follow up program to ONE OF A KIND
Program that educates students on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his strategies on conflict resolution
Two positive and energetic role-models "Dr. Cool and Pride™" are striking opposites, yet get along because they learned from each other's differences

- Everyone is special and unique
- Celebrate each other's qualities
- We all want to be happy, but we must face conflict
- We all have the right to feel safe and be respected


Forty minute program
Our most recently added program
Program teaches that character is what you do when no one is looking
Interaction with students and teachers using new songs Two positive and energetic role-models "Dr. Cool and Pride™"

- Everyone has what it takes inside of them to succeed
- The importance of generosity, kindness, honesty, helpfulness
- The importance of freedom of choice, speech and individuality
- The golden rule: do unto others, as you'd have done unto you



Sixty minute evening program
Provides families the opportunity to have fun family interaction
Family Fun Night presented by Dr. Cool and Pride™ is a unique fun-filled event for the whole family

The concept is to provide an interactive family dance where literally everyone is up and moving the whole hour. Dr. Cool and Pride™ either reinforce their daytime performance or start fresh by teaching their empowering messages in between dance sets. People leave not only having burned hundreds of calories, but also having a great time with each other. And of course, great positive messages are being reinforced.