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Jeff Bizar
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Targets students in sixth through eighth grades
Topics include feeling good about yourself, the American dream, dealing with everyday pressures of society, eating disorders and drug prevention
Two positive and energetic role-models Jeff and Brandon use their own personal stories to inspire teens
Perfect for Snowflake and/or Snowflurry Programs

- Encourages high self-esteem and discourages dangerous behaviors among students
- Importance of loving yourself, and expecting others to like you the way you are
- Learning to be responsible for you own actions


Programs can be customized to fit students' needs
Programs can be customized for small and large group presentations

Jeff started speaking to groups in 1993, shortly after his girlfriend, Amy, died due to complications from Bulimia. Jeff thought Amy "had it all." She seemed perfect. But in 1992, this beautiful twenty-two year old girl died from cardiac arrest, resulting from her eating disorder and Jeff went into a depression. Jeff figured out (after much help) that he couldn't save Amy, but that by sharing his experience, he might help others.

Eating disorders have become increasingly prevalent among girls and young women and is growing among men in high school and on college campuses. For that reason, Jeff has written a program that every high school and college girl should hear. Her story may leave you crying, but Jeff will give you hope, strength, and the tools necessary to go through life with confidence and acceptance.

For more information, visit www.bizarhighschool.com