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Dear Dr. Cool and Pride™
Bizar Entertainment was an essential part of an historic event in Naperville! We want to thank you for your contribution and caring attitude that led you to give significantly to our community. Your energy and enthusiasm were infectious. Boys and girls enthusiastically joined in doing every one of the moves you asked of them (as we knew they would.) Even the adults, who had not expected to enjoy the "kid's show", were quickly caught up in the fun. It was a wonderful way to learn that drugs aren't cool.
Hunter and Barbara Byington
Founders of Get High On Life! Rallies

Jeff Bizar

Dear Dr. Cool and Pride™
On behalf of our PTA, students, and staff, I want to thank you for the energetic, entertaining, and informative assembly you provided to our students. The children were most responsive - as you could probably tell - and I hope it encourages them and their parents to return for Family Fun Night later this year. When you were here, I told you about a little girl named "Sabah."

Sabah has been here since the beginning of kindergarten, and is now in first grade. During that time, she has never spoken one word to another child or adult. She doesn't smile, or respond in any other way. We have tried to encourage basic physical responses, such as raising a hand, but even that has had only limited success at best. At the assembly, Sabah was one of the "volunteers" at the front of the room during the first program. We were thrilled to see her shake her hands slightly, turn around for the dance, and even smile (though she covered her mouth to hide it). This is the most responsive we have ever seen from her, and members of the staff were so excited to see her participating as much as she did. This is just an example of one child whose life you appeared to touch. When you asked who would be returning for the Family Night, she did raise her hand! Maybe this will be the beginning of a new era for this little girl.

Again, thank you! Your energy, positive message, and role modeling served us very well, and we appreciate what you are doing on behalf of children.
Dr. Gretchen Ludwig, Principal

Dear Dr. Cool and Pride™
Thank you for coming to Lake Forest Intermediate School. You truly excited our fourth and fifth graders with your music, dance and message. I received numerous comments from the teaching staff. Thank you for an amazing assembly that really made the students feel great! The assembly was super for self-esteem - it would be great any time of year. It was a wonderful way to conclude Youth Recognition Week. When I went out to the buses following the performance, the students were singing the words! Everyone was wearing a smile. I hope that we have the opportunity to invite you back again. Thanks again for your positive messages.
Barbara Chronos, Assistant Principal

Dear Dr. Cool and Pride™
Your program today at Neubert Elementary School was FANTASTIC! Self-esteeem can sometimes be a difficult topic to get across to young students. Your energetic "hip-hop" personalities really motivated students. When we got back to our classroom one student commented, "Wow, those guys are cool and they taught us something important too!" That's an act a teacher would like to live up to every day. The hand movements and dance moves that go along with your messages were also a big hit! My students and I have been using them in our classroom to reinforce what you taught us. My class and I loved your performance. This is something I would like to see again for the kids. You have a very important message and a unique way of presenting it. You made many friends at Neubert School.
Laura Ney, Fourth Grade Teacher

Dear Jeff & Brandon
On behalf of St. Mary Home and School and myself, I would like to thank you both so very much for the great assembly you put on for the children. You were both sensational. Even the teachers and moms really got into it. The children are still talking about it. I wish you both continued success in your endeavors and again I'd like you both to know that what you are doing is such a great ministry to our youth.
Mary C. Saladin, Vice President

Dear Jeff & Brandon
On behalf of Elk Grove High School's students and staff, I wanted to sincerely thank you for your participation during Life Issues Week. Your presentation was excellent and provided important information to our students. In a follow-up evaluation this week your presentation was given high ratings with only positive comments from both students and staff. Thanks again for sharing a meaningful message and significantly contributing to our week's success.
Very truly yours,
Lynne Brennan

Dear Dawn
My name is Liz Harris and I represent Prospect Elementary in Clarendon Hills, IL. I wanted to touch base with you to follow up on a conversation I had with Brandon and Jeff on December 18 during an assembly they put on at our school as Dr. Cool and Pride. I had mentioned to them how impressed I was with their independence in their set-up and preparation for their performance. As the PTA Assemblies Rep, I had to do absolutely nothing to help them get ready for the performance - they did it all on their own and within 15 minutes! I was also impressed with their entire performance, however, was especially intrigued by their differentiation between the younger grade performance (K -2 grades) an older kids (3-5). Each performance emphasized respect for themselves and others - but it was done in very age-appropriate methods for the audiences.

The kids had a great time and the teachers appreciated their high-energy approach.
Thanks so much,
Liz Harris

CHILD REFERENCES NOTE: names have been omitted so writers remain anonymous, although spelling has not been changed.

Jeff Bizar

Dear Dr. Cool and Pride™
I learned to treat others the way you want to bo treated. AND Don't do DRUGS!!!!! AND I Fel God!
A 1st grader

Dear Dr. Cool and Pride™
Thank you for coming to our school! When you did the acembily, I felt proud of myself because I was finally able to like myself. Before that I always wanted to be cool and populer. I thought I was a nerd. But when you came you tolled me to like myself for who I am... It worked. I don't think I'm a nerd anymore. I don't evan care if people think I'm ugly. So I realy realy want to thank you!
A 4th grader

Dear Dr. Cool and Pride™
We loved your singing and dancing. We liked how you told us about making good choices in a song. We liked your motto: STOP AND THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. YOU'LL MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION AND THAT'S A FACT. We learned many things from your show. For example we learned:

Treat others the way we want to be treated. Reading is a great thing to do. Believe in yourself and you can do whatever you want. Keep trying and never give up. Make healthy choices everyday.
Ask mom, dad, friends, social workers, priests, minister, siblings, rabbis for help if you need help.

Thank you for coming to West School. We had a great time. We hope you come again. "Happy trails you until we meet again!"
Mrs. Ross's class

Dear Dr. Cool and Pride™
I once had a time when I had no real friends. I felt so lonley. I was too shy to talk. Everyone was mean to me because I was fat. Then, one day I saw an assmebly that gave me confidence to mak friends. It taught me a lesson I will never forget! When I was shy I didn't talk to anyone. I wouldn't amke friends because I wouldn't talk. When I would eat lunch or go out to recess I would be by myself. Since I had no friends, I became a teacher's pet. because of this, everyone thoght I was a suck-up. Luckaly, when I was with the teachers, I got over my shyness. Yet, I still had more problems. Just as I was getting over my shyness, peopl started calling me names because I was too fat. I felt even lonlyer because the only time anyone would talk to me is when they were making fun of me. Now, since I was sad I felt like I had to eat. However, I later learned to ignore those people, and I had learned two lessons, but I still had no friends.

A few days later, I went to an assembly that gave me confidence! I was so confident, I felt like a new person! This new person made new friends, and always had a smile on her face. Ever since the assembly I have had so many friends! In the end, I wasn't shy. I lerned to ignore laghing people. You can always see me with a smile. I leaned a lesson I will never forget! I will always be happe!
A 6th grader

Dear Jeff and Brandon
Your presence at things like Snowflake and Snowflurry are just huge. It can be seen in everyone's eyes. Your heart and your message really shines through when you turn on the microphones and say the things that are in your hearts. It is so easy to see how strongly you believe in what you do. Like you said, the message is simply, but I think it is probably one of the best messages I have ever heard. You have a lot to say, and you say it, have fun, and captivate an audience all at the same time. I've seen you guys three times in the past two years, and evertime I think I know what to expect, but then you throw me for a loop, but still have that powerful message of self-love, self-respect and high expectations. It is truly a gift to do what you do and know that when you do it, people are listening. Just stop and look sometime during one of your events. Look at the eyes of one of those young students. They're not glazed over in boredon, but they are wide open with enthusiasm and meticulous attention to every word that your guys say.

I hope you know that your messages reach beyond elementary school, jr. high, high school and college. I'm only a little freshman in college, but when I see you guys in action, I leave with such a positive feeling, that it is almost hard to contain. I have learned a great deal from the two of you and have learned about myself, and how important it is to love yourself.

Whenever I get the feeling that I want things to stop, when I want the entire world to stop moving, so Ican make a quick, painless exit to another place, I often find myself thinking about some of the things you guys have said. I realize that nothing is worth taking my life, and nothing is worth the price of a quick thrill. I occasionally think about how different things might be for me had I not been surrounded by people who care as much as you two do. You are truly an inspiration to me, as well as countless others. Somethings that you have said have kept me out of some potentially dangerous and dumb situations, and even though my first semester of college was ruined, I kept a positive attitude and persevered. Finally, I just want to thank you for everything you have ever done, and everything that you will ever do. You guys are a credit to society, and two of the most caring individuals that I have ever met. Best of luck to the both of you, and may you get all you ever want, and a little bit more.
A college freshman