Dr Cool & Pride
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Kids First Choice AwardThe Feeling Good Concert won top billing in the accredited Kid's First Choice Awards. The jurors, consisting of adults and kids, had this to say:

Adults: Wonderful program, well done. Songs and skits are presented in fast-moving, engaging short segments. Encourages creativity. Rap style gains the attention of the kids which holds through the entire program. Songs are respectful and right on target!

Kids: Loved it. This video rocks! Many kids watched it again right away. "We liked the band and the songs. They're fun and respectful of kids and what we do. Kids danced, sang, and listened."

Kids First Choice AwardThe Feeling Good Concert received 4 out of 5 doves from The Dove Foundation.

They had this to say about our video:
This is a wonderfully upbeat song & dance DVD that kids will love! Dr. Cool and Pride teach valuable lessons in their songs like "Stop and Think" which tells kids its OK to think for themselves or ask an adult instead of listing to their peers. Their is also a great song called "Readers are Leaders" that encourages kids to read, read, read! The interactive style of the music videos will also get those "couch potatoes" up and active.